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Majestic Dentistry’s Royalty Referral Network
Frank Wolf, D.D.S.
Frank Wolf, D.D.S.

Our Referral Network consists of businesses owned and operated by our patients and friends of our practice. We aim to treat our patients and friends of our practice like Royalty and support their success.

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Tupper Jones
Legal Services

Tupper Jones

What I Do

I am an Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., with 10 years of experience. For a small monthly fee - less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day - we provide an array of legal and identity theft protection services resulting in security and peace of mind to families, small business owners and employees of companies across the United States and Canada.

Have You Ever…
…thought about writing or revising your Will?
…purchased a home?
…had an income tax question?
…been concerned about Identity Theft?
…worried about your teenage driver?
…been a defendant in a civil lawsuit?
…been involved in a separation or divorce?
…wanted to start your own business?
…just wanted to know if you were right or wrong about an issue?

Having access to your legal rights and identity theft protection that includes restoration is empowering and results in better decisions and better outcomes for you, your family, your business. I am at your service!

My Ideal Client/Customer

I am seeking people who like the idea of protecting their family and business legal rights and their personal identities, who want to have access to top quality attorneys, business coaches and forensic investigators across the country in a system that is designed to protect families and businesses from those in our society who would steal our identities and violate our rights.

* Everyone needs a will, but especially families with children
* Families with teenagers
* Anyone who has a legal issue now.
* Business startups
* Anyone concerned about the pandemic of Identity Theft

I am also looking for help - I am looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who would like financial security and time freedom as delivered by a 36 year old New York Stock Exchange business that produces inheritable residual income. These entrepreneurs should have a good work ethic and like the concept of "making a living while making a difference".

Contact Phone Number

Please contact me at 623-910-6474. Or you may also email me for information at atups@msn.com.

I will be happy to review how our services work to legally empower you, your family and/or your business and also why our identity theft protection was ranked as number 1 by the recent book: The Silent Crime - What you need to know about identity theft by Michael McCoy and Steffan Schmidt, PhD.

Special Gift/Offer

If you mention the excellent dentistry of Dr. Wolf as a referral source, I will discount your first month of services by 50% by rebate.

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